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Poser 352 - Minute book of Lanark Burgh, 1675

In this week's poser, taken from a minute book for the burgh of Lanark, we asked which burgh officials were to go to Kilmarnock and what work were they to commission there?

Image of an extract from minute book of Lanark burgh, 1675, South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture Libraries and Museum service.


The burgh officials sent to Kilmarnock were the Dean of Guild (Robert Haistie) and the Master of Work (Thomas Hamiltoun) and they were sent to Kilmarnock to commission a new clock (knock) from the clockmakers (knockmackers) there.


Lanerk the second day of jun[e] 1675
The q[ui]lk day the baillies and counsell hes appoyntit and
commissionat the dean of gild Robert haistie and the maister of
work Thomas hamiltoun to agrie with the knockmackers In
Killmarnock for making of ane neu knock not exceiding
the soume of three hundredth merks and what they agrie
for the baillies and counsel is to abid that and relieve th[e]m
of any Ingadgment therfor

This poser was devised by Alan Laurie, a researcher with an interest in 17th century High Court of Justiciary cases and the image of the Lanark burgh minute book appears by kind permission of South Lanarkshire Council.

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