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Poser 327 - Dundee Burgh Minute Book, 1779

In this week's poser, taken from the Dundee Burgh Minute Book, 1779, (Dundee City Archives, DUN - Nov1767/1779). The image is displayed with kind permission of Dundee City Archives), we asked you for the names and occupations of the chosen constables.

Extract from the Dundee Burgh Minute Book from 1799 (Dundee City Archives, DUN - Nov1767/1779. Image displayed with kind permission by Dundee City Archives.

Answer: The constables were Thomas Muir, [Hammerman], Patrick Elder [Dyer], Mungo Murray [Hammerman]
William Thomson [Hammerman], John Monro [Shoemaker], George Thorns [Weaver], George Anderson [Merchant] and William Reillor [Taylor].


The Council after voting made choice of the following
persons for Constables for the ensuing year Thomas Muir
Hammerman and Patrick Elder Dyer for the Murraygate
Mungo Murray Hammerman and William Thomson Ham
merman for the Seagate John Munro Shoemaker and George
Thorn Weaver for the Nethergate and George Anderson
Merchant William Keillor Taylor for the Overgate and
recommend to the Magistrates to call the Constables before
them in order that they may accept of their offices and promise to
be faithful.

This week's poser was contributed by Rachael Read, an Archivist from Dundee

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