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Poser 312 - Porteous Roll for Edinburgh, 1679

In this week's poser, from the Porteous Roll for Edinburgh, 1679, we asked what had James done and how did the City magistrates relieve the situation.

Excerpt from the Porteous Roll for Edinburgh, contained in the High Court of Justiciary process papers, 1679 (National Records of Scotland, JC26/51/5 page 2).

Answer: James had been creating an artificial shortage of food by refusing to sell his supplies and so forcing up prices. The Magistrates broke down his cellar doors and sold the stored food to the citizens.


Indyted and accused for buying up victuall and keeping the same to a
dearth highting & raising the pryces therof refusing to Sell the Same
except at exorbitant rates committed in anno [ ] to the great oppresion
of his Ma[jes]ties subjects who wer like to sterve the s[ai]d year and could not gaett
victuall from him for money till they complained to the magistrats of
the city who brock up his sellar doors and supplied his ma[jes]ties indigent
subjects for their money

This poser was devised by Alan Laurie, a researcher with an interest in 17th century High Court of Justiciary cases.

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