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Poser 289 - Eik, 1697

In this week's poser, taken from an eik in the Edinburgh Commissary Court records, 1697, we asked who was the debtor, what did he owe and who became cautioner.

Eik, recorded in Edinburgh Commissary Court, 1697 (National Records of Scotland, CC8/8/80, page 541)

Answer: The debtor was George Curror, portioner of Lindean in the parish of Gallowsheill[is]. He owed 160 pounds scots (Jc~Lx lib~) principal, 7 pounds 12 shillings interest (vij lib~ xij s~ of a[nnual] rent) and 20 pounds penalty (xxlib~ of liquidat expenss[is]). The cautioner was William Sheill merchant burgess of Edinburgh.


Thomas Adam
16 nove[mbe]r 1697
Ed[inbu]r[gh] 5 July 1698 Eik maid
heirto as Followes To Witt be
George Curror portioner
of Lindean within the
paroshine of gallowsheill[is]
by band daitit the 24 of
Junij 1675 Jc~Lx lib~ scott[is]
princi[pall] with vij lib~ xij s~ of a[nnual] rent
preceiding the t[er]me of witsonday
1677 conteaneing xxlib~ of liquidat
expenss[is] And gives and
commit[is] / Q[uhai]rwpon W[illia]m
Sheill mer[chan]t burges of Ed[inbu]r[gh]
Becam cau[tione]r as ane act

This week's poser was devised by Bosco, an archivist at the National Records of Scotland.

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