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This example of a hearth tax roll is from Maybole. It gives a list of people on each estate and the fermtouns they lived at.

Extract of hearth tax roll, Maybole, National Records of Scotland, E69/2/2/11


James and Matthew Grayes In mains of dinduff 5
Cottar th[e]r 1
Gilbert Ballantein In Todstoune 2
Cottar th[e]r 1
Thomas McCrorie In mckeristoune 2
John Egelshem In Knockdone 2
Robert McCouchies Elder & yo[unge]r th[e]r 2
John Lawsone th[e]r 1
Gilbert Mcjarrow th[e]r 1
Agnes Kennedy & Jonat Mcquatter th[e]r 2
John Orr In Kirkbryde 2
John Boall th[e]r 1

Hew Blair Elder 5
James Blair yo[unge]r 2
James McFadzeane In Blairstounend 1
Thomas Ramsay In Green 2
William Donald th[e]r 1
Jophn Kyle th[e]r 1

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