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This roll is from Kildrummy parish. It gives a summary of the number of hearths in each estate without giving place or people names. The columns on the right side of the page give the figures for the number of hearths, then the word 'is', then the tax due in pounds (libs~) and shillings (s~).

Extract of hearth tax roll, Kildrummy, National Records of Scotland, E69/1/6/3


Kildrum[m]ie parioch

Lady Mars Lands

Recepts produiced for the said
Lands for fyftie nyne hearths
Corresponds with John Cleari-
hew's book & the surveys list 059 [hearths] is 041 [libs~] 06 [s~]

Brux Land

Recepts produce for the s[ai]d
Lands for eightein hearths
Corresponds with John Cleari-
hew's Book & the surveys List 028 [hearths] is012 [libs~] 12 [s~]

Cushneys Lands

Recepts produced for the said
Land for ten hearths corresponds
with John Clearihew's book 020 [hearths] is 007 [libs~] 00 [s~]

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