Testaments Tutorial - 18th Century: Revise What You Have Learned
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Revise what you have learned

Are you sure you understand the following parts of the testament, the concepts which lie behind it and various common words and phrases which appear in testaments?

Read through the key ideas and terms in the list below and, if you are still unsure of any of them, go to the part of the tutorial which deals with them.

Term Tutorial section
testament testamentar
testament dative
testaments dative qua nearest in kin
testament dative qua creditor

Movable property
the widow's part
the bairns part
the dead’s part
commissary court

introductory clause
confirmation clause
bond of caution
goods and gear
body clothes
summa Inventary
summa inventary patet
pounds, shillings and pence
by the Tenor hereof
as effeirs
leilly and truly
power of Intromission
these presents
decreet dative
more fully bears

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